I’m David — a self-taught designer based in Stockholm, Sweden currently designing the consumer shopping experience at Shop app/Shopify, previously at Klarna, April and Techno Creatives. Besides my everyday craft I also enjoy interior design, gaming and watching movies & shows✌️.
I think good design is as little design as possible, my biggest skillset is translating complex ideas into simplified experiences. I'm also a huge fan of utilising existing patterns as I don't believe we should re-invent wheels. 

Design is easy to overcomplicate, the real challenge is to make something desirable, intuitive and easy for everyone to use.​​​​​​​
Kind words

Victor Erixon
Designer at Google
I brought in David to Klarna because of his eye for design. He's a passionate designer that elevates everybody in his team whether if it's to add clarity to a problem that needs solving or improve the visual quality down to a design's tiniest detail.
Ranya Amir
User Researcher at Spotify
David understands the value of research, analytics and data. He truly shows a user centric approach to design and UX. He also has the courage to stand up for the user and for good design. Not to mention, he’s a great colleague, friend and he taught me how to drop barbells safely at the gym.

User Experience
Interface Design
Interaction Design

I'm always keen for new challenges or discussing cool ideas, reach out to me at hello@davidhuynh.se
You can also find me on Instagram, Dribbble and Linkedin