David Huynh
28, Stockholm
Hey, I’m David — a designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. You’ll catch me designing the app experience with my team @Klarna as well as doing side-projects from my loft desk or simply experimenting with interior design in my free time. I'm also a gamer, movie-fanatic 🍿 and occasionally like to lift things.
I consider myself as a problem solver and some would consider me a perfectionist. I simply see it as having high standards and not settling for less. I like to express my creativity & solutions in the form of digital interfaces & experiences.

I’m a believer in simplicity and like a genius once said, "great design is as little design as possible".
Design to me is more than just pixels on the screen. Communicating in a clear and concise manner is as important as designing the path with least friction. At the end of the day time is our most valuable asset.

One of the main things that helped me to this day is having an extremely empathetic mindset towards the user. I’m also strongly against compromising results and quality. 
I believe first impressions matter, and longevity is important, thus I rather not rush something out.

Anyone can make things complicated, the real challenge is to make something desirable, intuitive and easy for everyone to use.
Kind words
Ranya Amir – UX Researcher @Spotify
David understands the value of research, analytics and data. He truly shows a user centric approach to design and UX. He also has the courage to stand up for the user and for good design. Not to mention, he’s a great colleague, friend and he taught me how to drop barbells safely at the gym.

Victor Erixon — Design Director @Klarna
I brought in David to Klarna because of his eye for design. He's a passionate designer that elevates everybody in his team whether if it's to add clarity to a problem that needs solving or improve the visual quality down to a design's tiniest detail.
Need a designer?
I'm always interested in new opportunities or side projects, let's chat!