David Huynh
28, Stockholm
Hey, I’m David — a designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. You’ll catch me designing the app experience with my team @Klarna as well as doing side-projects from my loft desk or simply experimenting with interior design in my free time. I'm also a gamer, movie-fanatic 🍿 and occasionally like to lift things.
In essence I'm a problem solver with a hint of perfectionism. I set high standards and I avoid settling for less. My passion is to create experiences and solutions that simplifies or helps everyday people in one way or another.

As a person I love to challenge ideas and question things. I believe the best ideas and improvements comes out of asking "why?". I use design as a tool to bridge the gap between a solution to a problem and a user, but d
esign to me is more than just creating an interface. Communicating in a clear and concise manner is as important as designing the path with least friction. At the end of the day I believe time is our most valuable asset.

One of the main things that helped me to this day is always having an empathetic mindset towards the user. I love coming up with new ideas but I also respect the time and effort behind existing solutions, hence the quote "Don't re-invent the wheel" really stuck with me. I believe in fast iterative process and I see long-term success as a cornerstone in what I do.

Anyone can make things complicated, the real challenge is to make something desirable, intuitive and easy for everyone to use.
Kind words
Ranya Amir – UX Researcher @Spotify
David understands the value of research, analytics and data. He truly shows a user centric approach to design and UX. He also has the courage to stand up for the user and for good design. Not to mention, he’s a great colleague, friend and he taught me how to drop barbells safely at the gym.

Victor Erixon — Design Director @Klarna
I brought in David to Klarna because of his eye for design. He's a passionate designer that elevates everybody in his team whether if it's to add clarity to a problem that needs solving or improve the visual quality down to a design's tiniest detail.
Need a designer?
I'm always interested in new opportunities or side projects, let's chat!